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Welcome to Qualitas Security Services Ltd

Qualitas Security will help you gain insight that will lessen your risks for liabilities. We can set up your security program or evaluate your property's security plans if you already have one. We can help you prepare or revise security manuals, give your employees training, and even lead regional or national seminars for your company and other branches.

We are very accurate when it comes to assessing our client's security needs. On top of that, we also provide a timely, accurate, confidential, and most importantly, cost-effective service. Some of our security consulting services include a physical safety and security tour of the property, a review of the incident reports and other feasibility concerns, property manual review and preparation, and even international travel security consulting and protection services.

If you need more than just consultation, Qualitas has the capability to go beyond it. At Qualitas we will be more than happy to help you look into the security details of your establishment and even your staff. Contact Us

"Responsive, willingness to change and a yearning to grow alongside their client are expressions that spring to mind after working in partnership with the Qualitas Directors for almost twelve years" – Client feedback from one of our biggest UK contracts.